How can I have a more powerful voice?

First of all, we need to talk about breath support, and how we control breathing during the song.  There are several techniques and exercises for correct support, because in time, if this support is not correct, we risk slowing down voice development and maybe even have other vocal problems. Well, these exercises are helpful for any type of student (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Over time, these exercises lead to the building of muscles to support voice and increase in volume.

Posture is very important. To have a proper position to sing correctly , we have to relax our muscles, stand up with our straight back, then get it inhale the diaphragmatic air without moving your shoulders up (feel how your stomach fills up with air). Once we get used to this breathing, we begin the first exercise: we breath in a lot of air (as I wrote earlier) and we take out an airy “s” (like a whisper) and try to keep it as long as we can (you have to keep it for at least a minute) all the while we feel the diaphragm muscles work, and the more we do this exercise the more our resistance increases in singing and power in voice.

Next time I will talk about how to grow your vocal range by what type of voice you have.

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