How can I extend my vocal range?

Like I said in the last article, today i’m gonna talk about vocal range, what is it and how can we extend it.

Vocal range varies from person to person, there are people with large vocal range( over 2 octaves) or short vocal range.No matter how is your vocal range, it can be extended from 2st+ to 7st+.

An exercise to extend the vocal range would be: we take the proper position for sing, relax our throat and try to sing the lower note we can hit, then gradually go up with your voice passing through each note until we reach the highest note we can sing. During this time, try to keep your throat relaxed, and focus on each note carefully until you get to the head voice *.

In the next article I will talk about chest voice and head voice, what are they and how can we make the transition between different vocal registers.